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Entomotech Enters Joint Development and Research Agreement with Hydrocapsule

Entomotech Enters Joint Development and Research Agreement with HydrocapsuleHydrocapsule Inc., a polymer research company that is developing novel encapsulations, announced today that it has entered into a Joint Development and Research Agreement with Entomotech of Spain.

Hydrocapsule has agreed to join forces with Entomotech and will be moving their research laboratory to Entomotech’s new state of the art facility in Almeria. Both companies will be working together to further capsule development in insect rearing and all agricultural projects in general. South East Spain Is the biggest area undergoing biological pest control programs in greenhouses, a perfect environment for researching new applications of Hydrocapsules and developing novel products to enter the market. The action area is huge and the developments carried out here have a great influence in the whole Mediterranean basin.  “We are very fortunate for this opportunity to expand on what the Hydrocapsule technology was developed for and to partner with such an industry leader as Entomotech. The partnership will serve to expand our polymer knowledge into future capsule formations.

We are currently capable of encapsulating many aqueous substances to include mediums such as water which can support live organisms. Entomotech will only help to further our expertise into the world of biological control and we truly are grateful for their partnership”, said Michael Pitsokos, Hydrocapsule’s President. This is an application that will cross into multiple lines of business and we intend to vigorously help Entomotech will all their expansion plans in Almeria and beyond. In the words of Juan Cortes, Chief Science Officer of Entomotech, “Long ago, the biological pest control producing industry needed an available artificial diet to produce the beneficial arthropods. We now are closer than ever in achieving it”, and to continue “we are going to put a lot of knowledge and technology together to face the major challenges of the industry. We really believe it will make a breakthrough and expect to come up with many new things.”

About Hydrocapsule Inc.

Hydrocapsule Inc., is a polymer research company specializing in UV curable encapsulations. The technology is a fluid based process that minimizes heat, therefor enabling capsule formations well within parameters that can support life. The technology has been used as a transport and feeding mechanism for insects as well as live nematode encapsulations. For more information, see

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