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Entomotech | Exploring the Insects Potential

Entomotech is a company born to offer biotechnological services. These services include agronomy, animal nutrition, food technology, R&D and technology transfer as work areas. Our vision is to apply biotechnology to a wide range of industrial sectors.

When the company was founded, we specialized in entomology, becoming the first enterprise to offer such integrated entomological services in Europe. This position allowed us to lead several international projects of great impact in research and society. Arthropods had never been considered as an important tool to be used in the industry, but we had the conviction that by exploring these animals, as well as mites, we would be able to give a new approach to present and future markets challenges. Therefore, Entomotech focused on mites and insects because of their huge production capacity. Right now there are more demands on technology for sustainability in goods production and we are convinced that through entomology we can answer these demands.

Within the years, we have developed and integrated new services in our company, always in line with our vision of acting as a tool to improve bioprocesses, production and industrial applications in the most sustainable way possible. Some of these services are: Biological solutions to any kind of crops and pests due to our specialization in horticulture, mass production of arthropods, animal nutrition, food processing and design, etc. We can proudly say after so many years of experience that we have achieved an extensive expertise in these fields, allowing Entomotech to be taken as a reference when talking about biotechnological industries.

The objective of Entomotech is to provide to the industry the biotechnological tools to be part of the productive process, or be the end product. We have designed services in order to explore the industrial application of insects, the optimization of different processes in the food & agriculture industry and project management such as consultancies, technology transfer, and research & development. We invest a big portion of our resources to the development of new technologies which are more sustainable, economically feasible, and diversified.

Entomotech's networkingThe Entomotech team is formed by a group of incredibly creative and hardworking researchers specialized in several areas of knowledge, agronomy, environmental science, chemistry, biology and materials, are some of them. This multidisciplinary team is our key to success.

We have also a large network of people who we work with, thus we give value to our projects and to the growing network that we have. Our philosophy is “to grow developing alliances and cooperate to increase the all competitively”. We explore, looking for the best specialist in each area, to offer the most fluid and professional results. We create more integrated solutions and tools. Thus, Entomotech can act as a link in between different sectors and organizations, creating and collaborating potentials to benefit our customers.