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We are consultants specializing in entomology, biotechnology and agroalimentary industries.  This is our team:

Juan Antonio Cortés | Chief Science Officer (CSO) & Co-owner

Juan A. Cortés Ortiz 
Chief Science Officer (CSO) & Co-owner

Holds a MSc in International Horticulture from Essex University (UK), graduated with merits;   BSc Green Business from HAS den Bosh (The Netherlands); and Agro-tech engineering in Almeria (Spain). Torres-Quevedo research grant awardee. PhD candidate in Entomology. Served as Civil Consultant (PSA.SBS) for FAO in the Middle East.  Project Manager for several European Projects (Eureka-Eurostars). Extensive knowledge in insect husbandry. Managed several bio-control companies in Spain & South America in R&D and production. Mastering the mass rearing of several arthropods (insects, mites and crustacean), focusing researches on nutrition and on beneficial arthropods to be use in BC programs.

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Alejandro Torres | Chief Production Officer (CPO) & Co-owner

Alejandro Torres Ruiz 
Chief Production Officer (CPO) & Co-owner

Alex studied Agronomy at the University of Almería (Spain). Always interested in applied entomology, began working as research assistant conducting effectiveness trials of several active substances on target pests and beneficial arthopods. Has specialized in mass rearing lepidopteran and other insects, the production of microbiological insecticides based on baculovirus, and biotechnological application of entomology in the industry. He has carried out design, improve and optimize of several production systems for insects. Have been involved responsibilities in the management of research teams, submission, and coordination of R&D projects.

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