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What we do

Due to a wide experience in the field of agronomy academically and professionally talking, we are able to approach it from any perspective and with the firm conviction we have all the tools required to solve issues of any kind.

  • Plant protection: We offer biological solutions to any kind of crops and pests

  • Integrated Pest Management: Action protocol of IPM systems in a great variety of crops. High specialization in biological control implementation
  • Characterization of effectiveness in controlling pests insects by new auxiliary insects
  • Efficacy trials of pesticides and natural extracts in laboratory and field
  • Integrated in entomology services (sampling, identification, backup, etc.).

  • Plant production: As agronomists we supply technical advice and innovative solutions during the plant production process. We advise on all aspects of crop production, emphasizing the rational application of innovative tools for high, sustainable and quality production. We are specialists in horticulture under plastic 

  • Techniques trials for optimizing crop inputs, water, and fertilizer
  • Prospection of new crops with potential implementation
  • Field evaluation of new products for agricultural use with zero residues
  • Studies to improve efficiency of inputs in horticultural crops
  • Evaluation of phytotoxicity and persistence in fertilizers and pesticides
  • Design and optimization of processes in crops production

  • Mass production of arthropods

  • Implementation of industrial scale for arthropods production
  • Technology transfer for mass production of natural enemies for use in biological pest control
  • Advice on the mass production of pollinators arthropods

  • Postharvest

  • Optimizing crop management to maximize the parameters of post-harvest
  • Characterization CF, microbiological, sensory and nutritional
  • Shelf life studies

Entomotech is specialized in animal nutrition, having carried out several trials and projects in this direction, both national and international ones.

  • Arthropods nutrition

  • Development of artificial diets for mass production of arthropods
  • Design of formulations and nutrient encapsulation
  • Diets design to specific populations. Human nutrition and animal nutrition

  • Alternative protein sources

  • Use of arthropods as converters of organic matter to produce fats and proteins
  • Flour-based insects for pets and livestock feed
  • Development of projects for economic and sustainable production of new sources of protein for human consumption

The increasing demand and competition of innovative products in the market led us to research and develop to this aim, in order to satisfy our clients’ necessities.

  • Postharvest

  • Enhancement of fresh fruit and vegetables shelf-life
  • Optimizing packaging, processes and time
  • Analysis and Cost Reduction
  • Process design

  • Food Processing

  • Enhancement of minimally processed fruit and vegetables shelf-life

  • Food Design

  • Optimization of refrigerating process
  • Optimization of processes
  • Scaling and tun up of industrial machinery
  • Packaging design

As a research and development company who has been working in national and European projects and several calls, like H2020 for years, we are able to offer our knowledge and experience to other companies requiring it.

  • Management the implicit tax benefits in the development of these projects, or the R&D activity of our customers
  • Preparation, monitoring and justifying projects for H2020 topics
  • Prepare technical and financial proposals for the filing of regional, national, and international projects
The industrial exploitation of arthropods requires the optimization of the mass rearing systems. In line with this, one of our main services is to transfer technology alongside research and development of arthropods mass rearing. The main goal is to provide to any knowledge, or technology, that the industry needs in order to achieve the required productive level.  Our clients refer to us with the need to acquire a biotechnological tool integrated in their productive systems, or an innovated service extension. Depending on the demand, and based on our previous experiences, we either carry out a technology transfer, or we start a research and development process. Either way, thanks to the multi-disciplined Entomotech team, with a wide knowledge in entomology, engineering, biotechnology, business, project management, we achieve to provide integrated results with a good relation cost/benefit having a high value.
In between our technology transfer and research services, we point out the arthropods mass rearing systems design. Those systems are rather versatile and adaptable to our client´s demands. It includes:
Facilities design
  • Massive production of Industrial facilities design
  • Assurance and Quality control in the production
  • Traceability
  • Formulation of protocols
  • Scaling up and industrialization
In our desire to improve and provide solutions to systems of mass rearing of our customers, we develop artificial diets adapted to the nutritional needs of each specie, innovating with new components. Thanks to these developments, the production systems are more efficient and cheap.
Artificial diets
  • Formulations
  • Additives
  • Presentation and preservation