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The achievement of the European project PREDMITEFEED has been a success for Entomotech. In recent years we have generated new technologies in the mass production of arthropods, we have developed artificial diets adapted to mass breeding in laboratories, diets to support the release of predatory mite in horticultural and ornamental crops, etc. Below is a summary of the new products and services generated from this projectFor more information, please contact us.

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Artificial diets

We have developed artificial microencapsulate diets with a wide range of uses. Diets for the maintenance of various arthropod species in industrial productions, differentiating even the stage of development, abiotic conditions or breeding substrate. Diets have been developed to support the release of predators in crops, essential for carrying out preventative releases, and for maintaining an important predator population in the crop, in the absence of the pest.
Biological control

Consultancy in biological control

Through the results obtained in the project, we have improved our consulting service in biological pest control. We have expanded this service, including the potential to employ new predatory mites, it combination with the feed developed for the predatory mites, and the current ability to apply both products in new crops, in various countries, and a variety of growing conditions.
Facilities design

Production technology

We have greatly optimized arthropod production technology. Thanks to these advances, we have the capacity to set up factories for the industrial production of arthropods. We have improved technology for mass production of predatory mites, some of these species were not previously suitable for breeding. It has also allowed us to start technology transfers for the construction of factories where insects (such as Hermetia illucens or Tenebrio molitor) are used to convert organic matter into feed ingredients.
Insect meal

Insect meal

In the development of PREDMITEFEED, we have created new products from the industrial production of insects. We have obtained insect protein, with a fabulous amino acid profile, which makes it an excellent ingredient for aquaculture and livestock feeds.
Insect fats

Insect fat

Techonolgy developed by Entomotech allows extraction of fat in a 100% natural process, where no chemicals are added. Natural oils can be used as a feedstock, for biodiesel production and specialty industrial and farmaceutical applications. The variety of insects we produce, fed by different substrates, provide us with fats with very different characteristics.